phot. by Dariusz Cyparski

name: Juliusz Kaczmarek

age: 29

location: Dublin

I am self-taught 3D artist with background of Fine Arts. Currently I work as a freelancer, making architectural and product visualizations as well as models for video games. When not doing any commercial work I constantly develop my set of skills. For all the time I have a few of personal projects going, in which I push my limits and learn new things - currently I focus on character modeling and animation.

My broad range of interests and skills gives me a comfort of working on variety of projects. Usually I make the project from the beginning - concept sketches and storyboard - through modelling, texturing and animating up to final rendering and compositing. Client always get the finished product. Although quality is my primary focus at my work, I perfectly know how important is to deliver the product on time.

If you're looking for a freelancer, don't hasitate to contact me and we can discuss your needs.


(c) Juliusz Kaczmarek 2009 Photo Viewer courtesy of Web 1 Marketing, Inc.